Живущая в Вене латвийская бегунья на длинные дистанции Диана Джавиза устроила 6-часовой марафон прямо в квартире.

Позднее Диана отчиталась в социальных сетях, что сделала 1687 кругов по 22 метра - в целом 37 км.

Свой забег она посвятила благотворительной акции, в ходе которой должны были быть собраны средства для тяжелобольных детей. Так как марафон не состоялся, взнос за участие - 65 евро - Джавиза перечислила сразу на благотворительность, добавив по 1 евро за каждый километр и еще 70 евро за организатора несостоявшейся акции.

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6 hours around my apartment. For a good cause- donating for child hospital ( children who are very sick/chronically sick or going to die) in Austria. The loop was around 22 m, I did 1867 rounds, so calculated around 37km. The run is also on #strava but I don’t take gps data as correct because the run was inside!!! 👉 no i did not get dizzy 👉 it was not about being fast 👉It was about finishing 👉I had more fun than ever 👉I took only 1 pipi break 🙈 👉I saw my daughter being a great supporter 👉I learned to be patient (Answering all the questions my lil one asked me was sometimes difficult) 👉 I learned that I love running no matter where 👉Running is Great but there are bigger problems in the world than not being able to run few weeks 👉yes i had my prerace usual breakfast 👻 👉yes i could do this again Thank you all for your support today ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏 Thank you @rainerpredl who organized this all and is still making loops around his kitchen table (6,35 m loops 😳😳😳) Let’s stay #united because we are #strongertogether #stayathome #bettertogether #strongertogether #runningathome #runningforagoodcause #wearetheworld #crazyrunner #begreatfull #neverstop #stayhealthy #bleibgesund #bleibzuhause #passaufdichauf #sterntalerhof #zusammemstark #medividcryo #onrunning #traildogrunning #latvianrunner #ultrarunner #smileeveryday #runningmotivation

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